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ALERT: Are you thinking about Covid19 Marketing?

Now is the time to start thinking about how to persuade customers back to your winery! H3 can help you formulate a strategic plan.


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Geo-Winery Marketing

H3's Geo-Winery Marketing Program allows you to strategically market to smart phone users that visit your winery, and other wineries, using geo-fencing technology, here's how it works...

1. Geo-Fence

We use sophisticated software to draw coordinates around your winery, and your competitors wineries. When individuals cross this boundary with a location enabled phone we are able to capture the device ID. This allows us to create a very targeted market of individuals that have visited specific wineries.

Geo Fence.jpg

2. Create an Audience

Now we are able to locate your customers, and similar customers, and develop very comprehensive demographic and lifestyle characteristics. We can then segment and upload the device ID files to a programmatic advertising platform.

Winery report.jpg

3. Targeted Device Advertising

Through a programmatic advertising platform, we are able to purchase advertising on thousands of websites and apps and market to individuals directly on their devices. We can very accurately track analytics on how many devices saw an ad and then took a subsequent action, for example - joined your wine club or purchased wine online.

Its simply the most accurate and cost effective way to reach your target audience!

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